“Bringing the world together
through dining culture”

We at WDI serve as a leader to convey the message of “dining culture” that has been created among various
countries and regions. Through the concept of “dining” we share happiness. “Bringing the world together
through dining culture” is our mission and universal message.



Since people are the core element of restaurant business, we always place the most value within the four walls
of our restaurants in order for us to thrive. This management philosophy is the tradition and pride of WDI

  • Hospitality

    WDI enjoys and
    thoroughly carries out “Hospitality.”

  • Authenticity

    WDI values
    “Individuality” and
    conveys “Authenticity.”

  • Spirit of Challenge

    WDI implements
    innovative changes at all times and progresses forward.

  • Globalization

    WDI explores
    opportunity on a
    global basis.

WDI ascertains quality assurance of food, safety of our employees and guests, offers uniquely enjoyable yet unforgettable dining experience, and brings smiles without borders.



“To be the real global company”

・Become the No.1 restaurant operating company everyone wishes to work with.
・Produce number of innovative brands as a leading company.
・Operate the most hospitable and immensely popular restaurants in the F&B field.
・Generate diversified career paths that incubate excellence of personnel development.
・Own a competitive global information network.



It’s hard for most people to remember
how meaningful a single meal can be in their life.

The number of meals ―
yesterday, today and tomorrow ― is countless.

However, spare the time to consider that point.

Think of what you still recall
from a meal on any given day.
Not only from a special anniversary,
but any memorable occasion.

A table full of smiling faces
and the aromas of wonderful dishes.
Something that makes you warm
inside with recollection.

Those are the true highlights
from each and every meal
that can never be repeated.

With that in mind,
think of the lasting memories created everyday
at our restaurants worldwide.

Our teams arrange the comfortable
dining experiences that are an essential
part of the precious time spent with us.

No matter the day, whether it is one of
happiness, sadness, casual fun,
or joyous celebration, everyone enjoys
a meal prepared with care and tenderness.

These tables are where our style and hospitality
meets with the expectations of our guests.

There are distinctive flavors that go
with those feelings and moments.

So are you ready?
Today doors open again and your team
will soon be called upon to spend
priceless occasions with our customers.

But do remember,
there are no people with the name of “customer”.
And there are no people with the name of “staff”.

We strive to connect with everyone we meet,
guaranteeing an impressive dining experience
at all of our restaurants.

We are professionals that aspire
to gratify people across the world.