Investor Relations

For Investors

December 22, 2006

WDI Corporation was listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange, Inc. on December 22, 2006. Taking this opportunity, we hereby would like to express our sincere appreciation, as this success is entirely due to your countless support and thoughtful consideration.

Ever since the Corporation opened its first store in 1972, which were the dawn of the food service industry in Japan, we operate our restaurants by offering "Authentic taste," "Ambiance with originality and dignity," and "Heartfelt hospitality," globally within our Corporate slogan parameter, "Introducing the best restaurant concepts through the world." We have exerted in the development of innovative restaurant concepts through converging on the pioneering and the discovery of a superior brand domestically and internationally.

Moreover, as a precursor of the industry, overseas expansion was first achieved in 1980, and as of December 22nd, 2006 the Corporation has deployed 198 restaurants (among the total, 100 franchise and 2 joint venture restaurants) in eight countries, operating a total of 15 unique concepts.

While an evanescent life cycle of a restaurant brand progresses through the diversification of consumer taste, WDI Corporation strives to maintain the genuine intention in all appearance from interior, exterior, culinary aspect, and to heartfelt service, pivot on the ideology of store building through prizing "Hospitality," we have been working assiduously in building a restaurant that shall be loved by guests for 20 years or more, such as "Capricciosa," "Hard Rock Cafe," and "Tony Roma's."

Henceforce, in addition to the traditional vitality, we shall challenge the global market by utilizing experience and intelligence which have so far been cultivated, and position ourselves as entering the second foundation era of the Corporation.

Your continued guidance and encouragement is very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Ken Shimizu
President & C.O.O.
WDI Corporation