For Investors

October 2017
WDI Corporation
Ken Shimizu

WDI Group opened its first restaurant in 1972 and for over forty five years, we have proudly devoted in food and beverage industry.

From the inception of the Corporation's establishment, abiding to our mission of "Bringing the World Together through Dining Culture," we serve as a leader to convey the message of "dining culture" that has been created among various countries and regions.

We place our utmost value within the four walls of our restaurants, and through history and tradition that we have inherited are unbrokenly drawn into wordings such as Hospitality, Authenticity, Challenging Spirits, and Global. This management philosophy is the tradition and pride of WDI Group.

Guided by these mission and philosophy that matters to everyone at WDI, the "WDI STANDARD" was established.

In recent years, restaurant brands have been short-lived due to diversification of consumers' preferences. However, encapsulating of "WDI STANDARD" has refuted such downturn and continued to flourish brands such as Hard Rock Café, Capricciosa, and other prominent restaurant concepts that are loved by our valued guests. Likewise, we shall strive in preserving this paradigm to operate longstanding brands for many years to come.

From continent to continent, and at each and every WDI restaurant, we shall continue our commitment in creating as many "Tables Where Happiness Meets" as possible, and your undivided guidance and encouragement is very much appreciated.