Master Chef Yozo Sakurai’s ultimate Korean style barbecue.

Since 1977, number of well known figures in the entertainment industry, popular young stars, TV personalities and producers alike are singing the praises of Kyogyu-so. The secret behind this popularity lies not only in the mouthwatering beef tongue and sliced meats, but in Master Chef, Yozo Sakurai’s “Pulkogi” (thinly sliced tender beef marinated in our special sauce); a taste you can experience only at Kyogyu-so. You can also enjoy his grilled udon noodles naturally flavored with the juice of the Pulkogi beef and his unforgettable “Kejang” dish (fresh blue crab marinated in a special sauce with chili peppers). Now, more people than ever before can enjoy the great taste of the new “Kimchee & Grill KYOGYU-SO”.