“Chinya” was first founded as a restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1880 (Meiji 13), and became a sukiyaki specialty store in 1903 (Meiji 36). It has been loved by many customers for generations because of its commitment to cooking, taste, and quality, and has made a name for itself as one of Japan’s leading sukiyaki restaurants. However, due to the extenuating circumstances such as building deterioration of the store and the influence of world affairs, is was temporarily closed in August 2021.

In spring 2022 to keep the “tradition” and “commitment” of Chinya going it will make a re-opening at a new location in Asakusa.

Pursuing deliciousness with inquisitive mindset

We have been exploring and pursuing deliciousness since the store opened.
Chinya sukiyaki is first served with meat that is flavored with Senju spring onions.
After that, you can fully enjoy sukiyaki with our carefully selected ingredients “Zaku”(side vegetables) in a slightly sweetened soy “Warishita” sauce.

In the course, we will offer appetizers which can enjoy the taste and sense of the four seasons.
Other menu such as Shabu-shabu course are also available.
In addition, we also sell freshly cut meat such as “Teki Sashi Meat”(moderately marbled meat) at our in-house butcher “Seiniku Chinya” that is located next to the restaurant.

Chinya’s “Teki-Sashi Meat”

“Teki-Sashi Meat” (registered trademark) is moderately marbled meat” that does not contain excessive fat. When the female cow has been bred to a sufficient age (30 months) with 4th grade marbling, “Wagyu aroma” is generated from the fat and lean meat when cooked. In addition to its aroma, the perfect balance of umami and sweetness from the meat creates sukiyaki with rich aroma and flavor.

Sukiyaki culture to the world and the next generation

Sukiyaki is a dish that are often enjoyed on special occasions which brings back family memories and is one of Japan’s leading food cultures.
Chinya’s Sukiyaki that started in Asakusa goes beyond generations, crosses borders and connects people.
We hope that “Chinya” will continue to be a place that creates memories for everyone.