A fun and casual restaurant with large servings of Italian food.

After graduating at the top of his class from the National Culinary Academy of Italy, Masaaki Honda worked as the chef at the Italian Pavilion Cafe of the 1970 Osaka International Exposition, and in 1978, he opened the first Capricciosa in Shibuya, Tokyo. The restaurant soon became popular as a place where large portions of authentic Italian dishes could be shared and enjoyed in a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant became so popular that lines of patrons were the norm everyday. In 1985, WDI became Capricciosa’s business development partner, and from this collaboration began a move to multi-restaurant expansion. While continuing to open new locations, Capricciosa was heralded in the media as the “Italian Eatery with a Line,” and as the pioneer of casual Italian dining, it gave rise to the Italian restaurant boom. In 1991, the first overseas restaurant opened in Guam. More restaurants continue to open in overseas and primarily in Asian counties in recent years.