Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Bringing the World Together through Dining Culture

Mission Statements

Dining Culture

WDI establishes a cultural bridge among diverse people through our dining business.
“Dining” is a culture that is passed down over generations.
We serve as a leader to convey the message of “dining culture” that has been created among various countries and regions.
Through the concept of “dining,” we create a place where people can feel spiritually affluent by bringing diverse cultures, as well as people, together.


WDI enjoys and thoroughly carries out “Hospitality.”
“Hospitality” refers to the nature of communication or relationship in which a person can feel someone else’s happiness as his/her own through serving other people. Where we place the most value is this generous act of “Hospitality.”


WDI values “Individuality” and conveys “Authenticity.”
We ascertain the essence of “dining culture” and enhance the value.
We pay our utmost attention to the quality and control of food and ingredients.
By taking on the responsibility for preserving the “dining culture” and ensuring “safety,” we strive in creating restaurants that care for its individuality and dignity

Spirit of Challenge

WDI implements “Innovative changes” at all times and progresses forward.
We are proud of the “history” and “tradition” of our founding business that began from a single store and out onto the world. Our “tradition” has been generated from endless “innovations” and accumulated as our strength. We are not afraid to reexamine ourselves and invariably challenge for continuous innovation.


WDI explores opportunity on a global basis.
“Dining culture” goes across borders and continuously evolves through influence among diverse countries. We proactively adapt to diversity, crossing all borders, and continue our business expansion on a global basis.